Thursday, June 7, 2007


An astounding quality about Madhuri is her Briskness and lively expressions. I have never seen her with a dull face. She looks smart and brisk. She is one of the best Indian dancers . It is extremely obvious that she loves dancing. Her movements, her expressions shows that.
Madhubala looks very active and lively on screen. No one can grin like Madhubala. It suits only her. Madhubala has a childish innocent face and that has made everyone love her.

Madhuri Dixit made a humble beginning with the Rajshris in a film called Abodh but the film bombed and Madhuri's future in Bollywood did not seem too bright. Filmmaker Subash Ghai had thorough confidence in Madhuri and he always said that Madhuri had the potential to be the number one and maintained that. Subash Ghai re-introduced her in Ram Lakhan. The film succeeded in bringing Madhuri's beauty and people dubbed her as the reincarnation of Madhubala.

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