Monday, May 21, 2007


Madhubala is a legend whom I have always admired.Infact I still keep on admiring her.It goes without saying that she has stole millions of hearts.Nothing in this world is as appealing as her smile. She is sensous, gorgeous n beautiful.
Madhuri is often compared to Madhubala. She is known as Madhubala of modern times.They are both great actresses of their own time, but initially I found it hard to compare them, I felt that she is very different from Madhubala. It was when I saw Madhubala in Howrah Bridge , I found an uncanny resemblance, especially in their face frame and cheek bones.
Personally, speaking Madhubala is my favourite. I have already created a forum called Madhubala Vs Madhuri in before,but it was my dream to create a blog on this topic and show my work to everyone.
I have many pics of Madhubala and Madhuri where they look alike. I want to show to everybody. I believe that every one who is reading this blog would surely enjoy my posts.

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Jeeves said...

Good start. Do keep updating